Sakya Pandita Guru Yoga

Date 09/01/2020
Time 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sakya Buddhist Centre, 121 Sommerville Rd, Bristol, BS6 5BX, United Kingdom


We will practice The Guru-Yoga of the protector Manjusri Sakya Pandita entitled: “A Great Rain of Knowledge, Love and Power”.

(To attend, it is necessary to have received the initiation of Sakya Pandita).

One of the “Five Venerable Masters” of the Sakya tradition, Sakya Pandita was a great scholar and realised master, and author of some of the core texts of the Sakya shedra curriculum, notably “Elucidating┬áthe Thought of the Sage” and “Discriminating the Three Vows”, which have been taught by Lama Jampa, at the Dechen retreat centre in France, Changlochen.


Sakya Pandita Guru Yoga

Sakya Buddhist Centre Bristol

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