Rain of Clarity by Lama Jampa Thaye

During 2016, Lama Jampa will be teaching the stages of the Buddhist path to enlightenment as described in his book “Rain of Clarity”.

This Buddhist teaching is suitable for everyone: for new people interested in Dharma and those who are already established practitioners. This is a series of five teachings in Bristol and London and they are ideal for both established Buddhist practitioners and anyone wishing to understand more about Buddhism.

Full details are to be found here.

Lama Jampa’s first teaching on the Rain of Clarity will be in Bristol on 6th February 2016.

Part 1: Bristol 6 February 2016
Part 2: London 12 March 2016
Part 3: Bristol 18 June 2016
Part 4: Bristol 1 October 2016
Part 5: London 5 November 2016