Sakya Pandita & Nyimo Gomchen

Last Sunday (21/10/18) Paul Rogers, from Sakya Namgyal Ling in Exeter, visited Sakya Centre Bristol to lead a day of study and meditation. Paul was teaching “The questions of the contemplative Nyimo Gomchen and the responses of Sakya Panditaā€¯, skilfully presenting the essential points of this text which, as always with Sakya Pandita, help us to avoid getting the wrong end of the dharma stick! Paul’s many years of study and practice with Lama Jampa ensured that we received a clear and comprehensive presentation of this text and there were some really useful discussions around many different dharma topics. Next year Paul will teach the second part of this text, so if you sadly missed today’s session you’ll no doubt be able to catch up, and who knows, you may still be able to get the right end of the stick!

Paul also signposted some very helpful online resources such as Lama Jampa’s teaching on Dependent Origination on Sound loud:

We look forward to welcoming Paul back next year on June 30th 2019.