Changlochen’s New Woodland! And other news

David Armstrong and Liz Godfrey have been busy down at Changlochen this autumn, ensuring that everything is watertight for winter, and finalising the deal on the purchase of some neighbouring woodland, as announced in the summer. Many thanks to all the generous donors who contributed towards this piece of woodland which we have now been able to buy.  From the woods there are stunning views across the wooded hills and valleys to the east of the property. The plan is to create a shady woodland walk with benches for contemplation and relaxation out of the glaring heat in the summer – see working party Spring 2016!  It is hoped also to build an enlightenment stupa there to enhance the already sacred nature of Sakya Changlochen Ling.


In the meantime there are other projects in the pipeline. The major one being the levelling and enlargement of the terrace in front of the building, where the marquee usually goes. This is to give us enough space for a larger marquee providing more capacity for future visits not least of all from His Holiness Sakya Trizin and/or the Dungsay Rinpoches. The other major project will be the addition of new cabinets for the shrine, it is hoped to have this completed by next summer.

Terrace plan copy
We are planning to organise a working party next spring, which will be mainly outside work: clearing the undergrowth in the woodlands, making new paths, grass cutting, etc.

CLC-Autumn-5 CLC-Autumn-3