Dreamlike Experiences in Exeter

The Exeter and Barnstaple Dechen groups were very pleased to welcome David Armstrong on Saturday for a day’s meditation and teaching on ’The Eight Dreamlike Practices’ by the Sakya master Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen. This is a particularly helpful text for those of us that may have been in Dharma a little while and perhaps need reminding of the pitfalls and distractions that can arise.

As Karma Thinley Rinpoche has said, one of the great compassionate gifts to avoiding this kind of thing have been the teachings of the Sakya Masters. These teachings have prevented us from wandering down the cul-de-sacs and sidetracks that can mislead us, pushing us off course when we are practising the path.

David clearly and gently guided us through the direct advice contained in the eight verses of the text. He elaborated on all those points that needed a little more context and showed their relevance as to our own current practice and outlook.   Group discussion at various times during the sessions helped us to clarify things further.

The lunchbreak enabled us to catch up with one another (Barnstaple is in fact well over an hour’s drive from Exeter); while some members were able to share their experiences of being in Nepal and spending time with Rinpoche.

The day was well attended by both groups and we were very appreciative of David and Liz Godfrey for making the time to come and share the teaching with us in view of their busy schedule and many commitments.