MAJOR EVENT: Lama Jampa Thaye teaching in London

Date 19/11/2022
Time 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

16–18 Paddington Street, London, , W1U 5AS, United Kingdom


Lama Jampa Thaye will be teaching in London at an event hosted by our sister centre, Dechen London Sakya Buddhist Centre, Saturday 19th November 2022.

[Please note that as many people from the Bristol Centre will be going to this teaching, there will be no Saturday morning meditation class in Bristol on this date].

10.30am – 1.00pm: Discriminating the Three Vows by Sakya Pandita

Lama Jampa will be giving one of the main teachings of Sakya Pandita in the coming months, alternating between Bristol and London. This first part will be given in London and is open to all. This is a rare opportunity to receive one of the main texts taught in the Sakya Shedra (College of Studies).

Sakya Pandita is one of the five Gongmas (venerable masters) of the Sakya tradition, the embodiment of Noble Manjushri, and the only Tibetan master to display the 32 marks and 80 minor signs of a fully enlightened Buddha. Renowned as a great scholar it is said there was no Buddhist teaching in Tibet he was not familiar with. He was also the first fully ordained monk in the Sakya tradition.

Sakya Pandita’s masterpiece, “Discriminating the Three Vows”, offers a brilliant examination of the spiritual disciplines found in the Three Vehicles. Topics dealt with in this work include the reality of the Buddha nature, the ethics of a bodhisattva and the correct practice of Vajrayana.

Lama Jampa has said that this long text is, in summary, about “how to practice dharma correctly” (Changlochen 2008).

This first date is confirmed with subsequent parts to be given at the Bristol and London teachings throughout 2023. Lama suggested the teaching may also run into 2024 – to be confirmed.

2.30-4.30pm: Initiation of White Tara from the lineage of Shakya Shribhadra

The goddess Tara is revered in all traditions of Vajrayana Buddhism as the embodiment of the liberating activity of all buddhas. White Tara is one of the three deities of longevity whose practice is renowned for bestowing the blessings of long life and thus increasing the opportunity for spiritual practice. This initiation is from the lineage of Shakya Shribhadra (1125-1225), the great Mahapandita from Kashmir.

Everyone is welcome – the morning is open to all and the afternoon to those who have taken refuge. If you would like to take refuge please contact us to arrange this – email:

For full details, and booking information when available, please visit the Dechen London website.

MAJOR EVENT: Lama Jampa Thaye teaching in London

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