Profound questions, wisely answered

A sunny Sunday 30 June was the setting for our study and meditation day on the second part of Sakya Pandita’s ‘Reply to Nyimo Gomchen’.

This study text, written in the 13th century by the Sakya master, Sakya Pandita, contains key points about dharma, clarifying many of the queries we may have about following the path. It takes the form of a written interview between Sakya Pandita and a meditator (Nyimo Gomchen) who asks the kind of searching questions that are still very relevant today.

Paul Rogers, a long standing student of Lama Jampa from Sakya Namgyal Ling in Exeter, skilfully took us through questions on what makes someone a lama, how to understand and realise emptiness and how study and meditation work together. A key theme of the text was that focusing on one aspect of the path alone, such as meditation, doesn’t lead to enlightenment as, just like any other journey, we need a range of provisions along the way.

In amongst the sessions, there was time for refreshment and conversation as well as a very sociable lunch, all combining to make for a worthwhile and enjoyable day. We’ll continue exploring the text in our weekly study group on Sundays at Sakya Buddhist Centre Bristol from 14 July.

Paul Rogers

With heartfelt thanks too to Paul for travelling to Bristol to lead this day – we hope to see you back at Sakya Buddhist Centre Bristol soon!