New Buddha Statue Arrival

Two years in the making by professional gilder and statue-maker Gyan Bahadur Shakya, from Patan, Kathmandu, Nepal, and contact of Sangha member Kunga Gyaltsen who has known him for many years, this awesome and beautiful Buddha statue measuring almost 6 foot in height arrived on a rainy afternoon in September at the door of Sakya Thinley Rinchen Ling. Weighing in at a total of 320 kg a few sangha members were there to help unpack and set up the magnificent Buddha in the shrine room.  The shrine has been temporarily adapted to house the new statue and will be modified further over time. The statue has transformed the atmosphere in the shrine room to one of great awe for this great spiritual master and guide whose teachings we are still able to follow and practice even 2500 years after the time when Shakyamuni Buddha lived and taught in India. Many thanks to Kunga Gyaltsen (Mick Lund) who organised the creation of the statue, we also bear in mind the great good fortune that it was undamaged by the horrendous earthquakes which hit Nepal earlier this year. We hope people will greatly appreciate this new presence at the Sakya Centre –  you are welcome to come and see for yourself! Click here to see an earlier post about the statue.