Autumn Retreat 2022

This was our 6th annual Chenrezik retreat at Poulstone Court. The venue lends itself really well to the occasion – a weekend of practice in a place which provides wonderful meals and good facilities for all our basic needs. Plus the gardens of the venue and the surrounding countryside create the perfect environment for the event. Our group comprised 17 Dechen sangha members from Ireland, Sweden and nearer home, the Wirral, Manchester, London as well as Bristol – a great mix. Beginning on Friday evening we did regular sessions of the Tangtong Gyalpo Chenrezi practice throughout Saturday and up until Sunday mid afternoon. The weather improved through the weekend until by Sunday afternoon windows were wide open and the warm sun was streaming into the meditation room. The hour and a half sessions were punctuated by delicious meals all served on time so we had no worries about having to go foraging!

On Saturday we had two short sessions on Tibetan language with Dan Hore, who presented us with an inspiring Tibetan language taster, encouraging further interest in learning the language, and leaving us on a poetic note with a famous song in Tibetan entitled The White Crane.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend and go away feeling benefitted and encouraged with their practice and by the spaciousness of the weekend, as well as the camaraderie – being able to spend quality time with other sangha members.

We hope to continue this annual event which is so rewarding and look forward to the next one, hoping that even more people will join us then.